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A Tale

This song is by Engelsstaub and appears on the album Anderswelt (1999).

When day is yielding, near its end,
And dusk the sun to twilight sends
Her yearning heart compels her to the cliffs.
Thus night after night she stands,
Fleeing Orpheus' soothing hands,
To shine a light for her beloved, far across the sea.
Captured by storm and cold, their cruel net,
Her checks from burning tears all are wet.
With weakness lurking, that spiteful power,
Sleep overcomes one fateful hour.
A raging wind her light does choe.
A fearful wave reaches up the cliff so steep,
She sinks into the ocean, dark and deep.
Hear even now, in storm-swept night
Whan waves are breaking on that dismal shore,
Through raging winds and tempestÄs roar,
The mournful sighs of her of yore...

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