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A Spirit Awakens

This song is by Engelsstaub and appears on the album Anderswelt (1999).

The wind in the trees whispers the secret to me
The water reflects it to me
A sea of fire burns it in the sky
The earth has set you free

I feel you through Anael's embrace
I hear you when the sylphs sing
I breath your odour in all of the seasons
I still touch you in my dreams
But nothing is as it seems
You're now a part of the ethereal spheres

I go into a trance, I close my eyes
Then I see my angels passing by
I see your silhouette within the spheres
I know you're free, you're fortunate
I live on my life here in the dark
Awaiting your light or just a spark
I light a pink candle for your way back
My angel of love, you're fortunate

Captured in the wheel of life we connect heaven and earth
Let us lay down on a bed of red roses
Our days on earth are numbered since our birth
But the fool and the lovers live eternally

My feelings are veiled by mist
I start crying silent tears
I'm a witness of mysteries behind the veil
Now I know there's another place
Better than the one I live in
My loneliness will always bring me nearer to you

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