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Red Roses For My Lady

This song is by Engelbert Humperdinck and appears on the album Step Into My Life (1990).

When I'm a million miles away
There's so much I want to say
Oh, I wish that you were here babe
Now I got a feeling coming on
I've been away for much too long
Oh, I want to feel you near me
I wish that you could hear me

Red roses for my lady
Red roses just to say
How much I miss my baby
And I'll be back today

Red roses for my lady
Red roses just for you
You know they mean forever and ever
My love will always be true

You will be the lady of my heart
You were the woman from the start
Such cool sophistication
You are more to me than just my girl
You are the center of my world
And if you like the situation
Here's an open invitation

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