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Can I Question

This song is by Enfp.

Can i question
so we can stop guessing
what the other's thinking
while my heart is sinking, yeah

I was calling
But her heart was stalling
Time is just a blessing, granted we
Gather for confessing

What's on my mind
I'm always a page behind
Blue moon tell true
Can this man jump over you?

My mood is mellow
head resting on my pillow
Courage comes in waterfalls
when I'm searching down incorrect halls

fancy dolls and shopping malls
can cloud your mind when true love calls

So here is the question
Will you walk by me cause i'm afraid to take a chance
Or will you look a little closer
And help us find this hidden romance?

hey do you feel the way i do?

what's on my mind?
i'm always a page behind
blue moon tell true
can this man really jump over you