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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1 [Evil]
  1. The Storm by The Retrosic
  2. Witness Of Your Decease by X-Fusion
  3. Dead Set [7 AM] by Glis
  4. Ruler by Soman
  5. 50367329 by Monolith
  6. Die Wut by T.H. Industry
  7. Havestar (Combichrist Mix) by I:Scintilla
  8. Jezebel (BT-Mix) by Noisuf-X
  9. Sleepercell by Endif
  10. Intoxicate by Stray
  11. Rubicon by Kobold
  12. Find A Way by Neikka RPM (featuring Implant)
  13. Mother Hunger by Die Sektor
  14. Religion (Mildreda Mix) by Diskonnekted (featuring Suicide Commando)
  15. Words Of Judas (Supreme Court Mix) by Dioxyde
  16. Self Deception (Hard Version) by Winterstahl
Disc 2 [Torture]
  1. I.T.D. by Negri Bodies
  2. Bleed For Us All (Unter Null Mix) by Suicide Commando
  3. Gib Mir by Heimatærde
  4. Subversive (Corrupted Re-edit) by Inure
  5. Downstairs by Necro Facility
  6. Driving Off A Cliff With A Cult (An Old Friend Nearly Killed Me Mix) by Mentallo & The Fixer
  7. Butterfly Houses (Edit 2) by Index AI
  8. Monolith by FÏX8:SËD8
  9. Acceso Denegado (Vigilante Mix) by Alien Produkt
  10. We Are Sinners (Made In Denmark Mix) by Klutæ
  11. God's Wrath by Distorted Memory
  12. Dresden (Reduced) by Dunkelwerk
  13. Das Bunker by Modulate
  14. Ausgebrannt by Shnarph!
  15. Beslan by Tactical Sekt
  16. Possessions (Dawn Of Ashes Mix) by Retractor
Disc 3 [Damage]
  1. Spectre by Necrotek
  2. Sanatorium by Skalpell
  3. Smashed by C/A/T
  4. Bewegungsablauf (Floor 4 Version) by S.I.N.A.
  5. Technique (Club Mix) by Isis Signum (featuring Neikka RPM)
  6. Creepy Crawler by Zombie Girl
  7. Bite Of God 2006 by Die Form
  8. I Feel Love (7") (cover of "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer) by Plastic Noise Experience
  9. Terra Incognita (Sojourn) by Headscan
  10. Jesus Antichristus (Cerebral Apoplexy Mix) by :wumpscut:
  11. As We Decay by Life Cried
  12. Nothing Stays by E.S.R.
  13. Pray by FGFC820
  14. Diseasespreader (Filthy Bitch Mix) by Thirteenth Exile
  15. Slam (The Happy Dance Version) by Leæther Strip
  16. Tanzbefeh (Urban Remix By Heimatærde) by Orange Sector
Disc 4 [Death]
  1. Drache Und Baum by Neue Weltumfassende Resistance
  2. You Push Me by Implant (featuring Unter Null)
  3. Digital Mangina by Caustic
  4. Angst by Reaper
  5. Motivation For The Unseen Things by Carnivora
  6. Deny by Revolution State
  7. La Menthe Vénéneuse by Tamtrum
  8. Chaosmancer (6,66 Mix By Noid Of Siva Six) by Iambia
  9. Dysmorphia by Terror Punk Syndicate
  10. Slow Motion (Aslan Faction Mix) by Inertia
  11. Prophetic by Sang.Rael
  12. Für Zwei (Bunker Mix) by Trial
  13. My Legions by Morphine Shot
  14. Sick Fuck (Aesthetic Perfection Mix) by Unter Null
  15. Looser's Letter (Ammonium Remix) by Lujhboia
  16. The Suffering by Dawn Of Ashes

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