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Encounters At The End Of The World (Stars)

This song is by Endwell and appears on the album Consequences (2009).

Screaming out my lungs
I'm finished running myself down.
Just another end never to be tied up.
Hopeless and distraught,
So far from where I want.
If I identify the problem
Tell me what is next in line to get fucked up.
In time my words will become obsolete.
Let's make this whole thing worth the pain and grief
So we will never have to regret a thing
And so we suffered from choices we made
While learning lessons and counting the days.
With that behind us
We're back on top of our game.
Consider, this my call to arms.
So that I'll never be forgotten,
No fear of failing or falling down.
No care for tomorrow,
It's over, come down.
So throw your negativity, and let your hatred be our strength.
When you've already lost the race
There's nothing standing in your way
And all your ghosts will never go away.
We had the world to love

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