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To Whom It May Concern (1999)Edit

Endstand - To Whom It May Concern
To Whom It May Concern
  1. Mission Achieved
  2. This Is Not The End
  3. Question Everything
  4. The More I Know
  5. Where Did We Go Wrong?
  6. Molded
  7. Small Sacrifices
  8. Whole Life Ahead
  9. It's Not So Long Time Ago...
  10. Changes
  11. I Hate People Your Kind
  12. U.S.E.
  13. A Song For A Right To Choose
  14. Choice
  15. More Hardcore Than You
  16. U.S.E. (Split Version)
  17. Forbidden Love

Never Fall Into Silence (2002)Edit

Endstand - Never Fall Into Silence
Never Fall Into Silence
  1. Misleaded
  2. Model Citizen
  3. Turncoat
  4. The Fuel
  5. Alive Till Death
  6. I Promise Not To Stay Quiet
  7. Dead Flies Off The Window Sill
  8. Betrayed, Broken & Shattered
  9. Do As They Say
  10. Someone Is Watching You...

Burning Bridges (2004)Edit

Endstand - Burning Bridges
Burning Bridges
  1. Never Good Enough
  2. Still The Same
  3. Remind Me
  4. Bridges Burned
  5. Who Do You Die For?
  6. Run Like Hell
  7. Without Wings
  8. Nothing Gold Can Stay
  9. Soul Too Cold
  10. Better Let Go

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