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Perishing Black Light

This song is by Encryption.

Fire in your eyes, one thousand secrets to be solved,
Blazing in your mind, (at the) transition of the seven doors,
Seven times the pain, your shattered hearts can heal tonight,
Storm is drawing near, let it begin, join in the fight against black light!

Subhuman eyes, gleaming for glory,
Restricting secret evil spells enforce the end of day and night.

Perishing black light, dissolving my disguise, scarlet and bright.

Sacred drama of life, death and reincarnation, (you're my) king of fertility!
Undertake this journey to the netherworlds,
Only then will winter end for me, immaculate and free.

The lightning starts, I feel the light, a flash of fire devides the night,
A voice that guides me on my way, but my world is falling into decay.

Blood-stoned ways behind, in front the beasts reach for your life,
You're still in receipt of the secret cubes lost in the mines,
Caves of no return, where souls get lost and drown in light,
Magic all around, torment and cries, whole truth and lies, towards black light...

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