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This song is by Enablers and appears on the album End Note (2004).

I hit ground bobbing critically and floor it against the
Shocks' unnerved play, the last of the humpbacks vanishing
In the rearview mirror as I lift again
Fast among the wind-strummed trees
The air cool about my chest

I had the old McClellan slows once but I stopped dealing in shy measures
Lit up the county courthouse and I aim to keep firing:
Become my own favorite infidel apprised of a stellar wash so clear
And distinct I'd swear it was a jangling glory of bells

I'm all reflex. I've distilled toward it, hugging its burnished roar
To my bones. And the promise of what's left of my bag
Speaks better than me when I really open up this piece
And the pride of my garage finds purchase through the night
In a rippling sprawl of echoes

Star Track Road sits awash in clouds of dust
And Via Monserate hurtles beneath me
To join it at the San Luis Rey branch

I'm close

Sweat collects with the loamy odor quickening in the draft
And the upper grove's thick hood of murk and quiet descends heavily
Across my approach

I'm close

Below me, the first sirens begin their peeling whispers
Their reds and blues twirling a continual afterglow from the bluff
The cutbacks now
Headlights enfilade the dense roadside brush, the turns sluiced
Through like arms into perfectly tailored sleeves
I wend ever upward to the big bed of dead leaves
Where I will pull them over me, a cowl
And tarry with the tempo of the hours

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