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This song is by Enablers and appears on the album End Note (2004).

Things're astir in the kitchen, constant with sibilant tides
And the clatter of several wares plied at once
There in the middle of it all the sorcerer Joe oversees his purview
Coaxing his sauce to its signature point
Until a sudden wisdom has him banking left to prod and divine
The yams' give
Claps hands and he's switching right again, his hands busily
Dicing, busily rinsing & wiping, quick, attentive hands at turns
With the bird and au gratin- never lost to the boiling water
The old Indian in him will soon preside over, still as quiet pools
A solus to the billowing cast of steam, saying, "Nah, g'wan! Go 'way"
He's got it. "Drink," he says. "Whatcha want? Dov'é vino?"
Claps hands again and mugs a swoon for the Polaroid
Distracted at last from contemplating the tests
From counting them now, far removed from his language
In his creaking cottage high in the Appenini
At his back the light's gone blue at the hills
And what's oncoming night continues to rise from the valley floor
Enduring slopes and small, crested villages, until what is not under blue
That deepening scrim of blue, surrenders its final dapple and winks out- dark
And completed
To complete
A breath that bears reflection:
"Don't ever get old"

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