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George's Skies

This song is by Enablers and appears on the album End Note (2004).

George's hit code red again, a downright 2 & 8
Holding a walking bellow like he was the mighty and distant purge
Of the Swatted Ball in an old Warner Bros. cartoon:
All mouth and jangling tongue yawing toward the downtown skyline
As designed by lung and carnal rage

The curtains above him peel inward and fall quickly back in place
And George cuts the engines; goes slouch beneath a nearby stoop
And roils in adagio, rocking back and forth, secretly intent
Almost monkish

It's clear he's through with the kid's stuff
No tears, no more of the same ageless sorrows, none of it
Any last grief will just have to wait till the bottom of that tall boy
He's got hitched in his back pocket appears, you bet
It's clear there will be no more querulous fits for today. It's payback time
George's time. A daily shit

Starring George: squat over a cardboard box
His face an opaque drift of frowns under a mess of cloacal black hair
And beard, gazing skyward and back as though suddenly land-weary
And adoring of the ocean's broader firmaments

The coastal bulkheads lit pink and purple at their bellies
Are coming in fast and with credible heft from the sea
And they hit the cipher in him, that shape of mercy he takes in sleep
Once the beer and day have done him in. A frozen and ponderous
Form of him, looking as dead as those of shock-bombed cities, flung
Immobile and hewn to the pavement

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