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And Last Night?

This song is by Enablers and appears on the album End Note (2004).

A wending freshet catches turns across the dry bed
A gaping movement denied closure
Mouths spawn and speed the plain and, in a bar
Legions away from the magnificent terrors of the African continent
She addresses her own savage flush, her speech slurred
And going south in lubricious tides
Something about rainy days and carnal visits
From people she's recently dreamt of- men and women, she says
Conspiring toward emphasis

There are hints of a willed libertine, and inside that blithe geode she
Registers for effect- secretly, inexorably- deep songs vie
With the otherwise salubrious designs of shiatsu

Even the smoke from her cigarette disdains to avoid her
The ice in her drink melts quicker than everyone else's
The histrionics of troubled sleep have crept to the loins
Like a starved black panther, she says. Or better still
Like a starved black panther loping across the dry river bed
Where, waving her hand undulantly from the wrist, she sees
Sheets of heat and furrows of torpor

See, when the moment's just right, she can spot its ribs chafing its coat
And that's when she comes

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