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A Not So Pretty Sight in Steinbeck County

This song is by Enablers and appears on the album End Note (2004).

So the door of this car meditating at 80

Lurching like a rocket's first flames
It soon stiffens against the wind

Feet swing out

An absurdity so obvious
It can't be helped

Certainly not this man

Nor the abrupt memories of any number
Of stupidities ever committed in a life-- those mute,

Insufferable tyrants that put you here in the first place

Simply to drive, think things through.

You can almost thank him
When in no time at all the feet lower

Do the Mashed Potato in quickening flops
And slashes across the whirring highway

Enough torque there to catapult the body
Into a panorama of ancient trees and Van Gogh yellows

These otherwise serene hills of Steinbeck Country caught
By a certain off-off-and-away whirlybird man

By his own risible devices once the corpse sobers the effect
In a roadside ditch

A coiling of limbs and prey
To the gawking faces lit up in the swiveling lights.

And the car

Don't ever forget the car veering casually eastward

Some eerie jetsam cast into the limned green expanse of alfalfa

Ghost-driving under the deep faceless tombs of hulking
Field jockeys

There to bid travelers a fine welcome to Salinas, 101 South