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What Is Love

This song is by En Vogue and appears on the album Funky Divas (1992).

Hold on to your
Hold on to your
Hold on to your love ooh

Mmmmmmmmm mm, huh oh huh oh huh oh

Ooh ooh

There's a question with so many answers no one knows them all oh
No high powerd scholar whos paid by the hour could come up with answers to this complex question

What is love?? (I gotta know)
What is love?? (I just gotta know
What is love?? (I gotta know yeah)
What is love?? (oh oh oh oh oh oh)

Love (love)
What is it (what is it)
Love (love)
What is it (what is it)

How is that we can make mass destruction with one single bomb oh oh
But combine a solution to one simple problem that's troubled us all oh oh
What us that we can make small computers to think for themselves oh
But to make a computer to match lonly people with one thing in common to fall in love with eachother oh oh

Chorus 2. over speaking part

Maybe one day thell make up a word which sums up the word love oh oh
That wont be so comlex and fits in with the rest
But now we are stuck with this word we call love

Chorus 2. over speaking part

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