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[00:26.80]City lights graced interstates
[00:40.23]The way you move your hands
[00:53.86]Through your hair when you feel alone
[01:07.73]Through your hair when you feel alone
[01:24.30]Remember the flowers you picked
[01:28.91]When we crossed over madison?
[01:34.05]You were so sure you found yourself
[01:39.36]That you branded it into an oak
[01:44.67]The one you swore reached through the sky
[01:50.23]And swallowed the city line
[01:54.42]You had yet to hit twenty-three
[01:59.66]An age that would swallow you
[02:06.56]Then, every breath made you confess
[02:16.31]You did not know what to do with your hands
[02:29.98]This is a new side of you
[02:43.36]So full of fear