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Mansion on the Hill

This song is by Emmylou Harris and the Nash Ramblers and appears on the live album At the Ryman (1992).

This song is a cover of "Mansion on the Hill" by Bruce Springsteen.
There's a place out on the edge of town, sir
Rising above the factories and fields
Now, ever since I was a child I can remember
That mansion on the hill

In the day, you can see the children playing
On a road that leads to those gates of hardened steel
Steel gates that completely surround, sir
That mansion on the hill

At night, my daddy'd take me and we'd ride
Through the streets of a town so silent and still
Park on a back road along the highway signs, sir
Look up at the mansion on the hill

In the summer, all the lights would shine
There'd be music playing people laughing all the time
Me and my brother, we'd lie down in the tall cornfields, sir
Sit and listen to the mansion on the hill

Tonight down here in Linden town
I watch the cars rushing by, home from the mill
There's a beautiful full moon rising
Above the mansion on the hill

Written by:

Bruce Springsteen

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