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Cattle Call

This song is by Emmylou Harris and appears on the live album At the Ryman (1992) by Emmylou Harris and the Nash Ramblers and on the Compilation album Songs Of The West (1994).

The cattle are prowling
The coyotes are howling
Out with the doggies bawl
Where spurs are jinglin'
A cowboy is singin'
This lonesome cattle call

He rides in the sun
Till his day's work is done
And he rounds up the cattle each fall
Singin' this cattle call

For hours he will ride
On the range far and wide
As the night wind blows up a squall
His heart is a feather
In all kinds of weather
He sings his cattle call

He's brown as a berry
From riding the prairie
And he sings with an old western drawl
Singin' this cattle call...

Written by:

Tex Owens

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