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Jupiter Rising

This song is by Emmylou Harris and appears on the album Stumble Into Grace (2003).

(Writer: Emmylou Harris, Paul Kennerley)

Why don't you call me
Do you think I won't answer
Jupiter's risin'
And the moon is in Cancer.

You been down in the hunger baby
I been around there too
Tonight you could be in the arms of
The arms of a woman who loves you.

You got your questions
Maybe I got an answer
Or just the hands of a healer
And the feet of a dancer.

Yeah, it's all in the wrists now baby
And when the aim is true
There'Il be no blink of the eyes baby
The eyes of this woman who loves you.

Heaven's gettin' nearer
Transmission gettin' clearer now my love
Stars are fallin' over the ocean
Come on and show a little emotion now my love.

Why don't you call me
You know I'm gonna answer
Temperatures risin'
And the moon is in cancer.

There's a road you can nde now baby
Out to that wild and blue
It runs right thru the heart of
The heart of this woman who loves you.

Jupiter risin'...

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