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I'll Be Your San Antone Rose

This song is by Emmylou Harris and appears on the album Luxury Liner (1977).

If they'll play another love song
And if that Miller Highlife light stays dim
And if you'll keep my glass full of whiskey
I'll whisper words I wish I'd said to him

Just ask me to dance all the slow ones
Hold me close and take me 'cross the floor
I'll gently lay my head on your shoulder
And pretend this never happened before

I don't want to hear a sad story
We both already know how it goes
So if you'll be my tall dark stranger
I'll be your San Antone Rose

I wish I could tell you I love you
I wish that he weren't always on my mind
I wishes were fast trains to Texas
I'd ride and I'd ride, how I'd ride


  • Words and Music: Susanna Clark
  • Musicians:
    • Emmylou Harris: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
    • Ricky Skaggs: Fiddle
    • Albert Lee: Electric Guitar
    • Hank DeVito: Pedal Steel
    • Glen D. Hardin: Piano
    • Rodney Crowell: Acoustic Guitar, Supporting Vocal
    • Emory Gordy: Bass
    • John Ware: Drums
    • Fayssoux Starling: Supporting Vocal

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