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Album by Emmylou Harris.
  1. Amarillo
  2. Together Again (cover of "Together Again" by Buck Owens)
  3. Feelin' Single - Seein' Double
  4. Sin City (cover of "Sin City" by The Flying Burrito Brothers)
  5. One of These Days
  6. Till I Gain Control Again
  7. Here, There and Everywhere (cover of "Here, There and Everywhere" by The Beatles)
  8. Ooh Las Vegas (cover of "Ooh Las Vegas" by Gram Parsons)
  9. Sweet Dreams (cover of "Sweet Dreams" by Don Gibson)
  10. Jambalaya (cover of "Jambalaya" by Hank Williams)
  11. Satan's Jewel Crown
  12. Wheels (featuring Jonathan Edwards) (cover of "Wheels" by The Flying Burrito Brothers)
2004 reissue bonus tracks
  1. You're Running Wild (featuring Rodney Crowell)
  2. Cajun Born


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