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(Lost His Love) On Our Last Date

This song is by Emmylou Harris and appears on the album Last Date (1982).

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(Lost His Love) On Our Last Date
It's over our love affair
Too late now I find I care
His sweet love no more I'll share
Now he's gone I'm alone
I was wrong should have known
Took me home on our last date

I search for a single way
To tell him what I had to say
I kissed him watched him walk away
Set him free foolishly destiny misery
Tragedy on our last date

Took the ring from my trembling fingers
Brushed a tear from my baby's eye
Walked away didn't know that
I'd soon miss him so
Guess I was too young to realize

So blind I couldn't see
how much he really meant to me
And that soon he would always be
On my mind, in my heart, I was blind from the start
Lost his love on our last date

Music by:

Floyd Cramer

Lyrics by:

Conway Twitty

Produced by:

Brian Ahern Wikipedia16

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