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Never Let Him Go

This song is by Emma.

Long story short but I've never felt this way before .i think about him night and day .i feel like it will never go away.i should should just spit it out before I scream and shout

Hes my forbidden love hes the only one I dream of hes just a nother sad story left un written

I will never let him go even though
I don't have ill never know why
He mean so much
The longing for his touch I've never been
This deep in love...
It started with a stupid note & I havent

Heard the sound of my hope sincs than
Mybe I just lost my nerve...
This is something I don't deserve

Why the hell do you have to be so cpmlicated I hate this ill never let this go

Hes my forbidden love hes the only one i
Dream of, hes just another sad story left
Unwritten ...

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