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This song is by Emm Gryner and appears on the album Science Fair (1999).

Red hair running through all the
Small-town haze
Fifteen virgins and
25 mistakes
I got a problem, but
You just could not see

Boy with a joke
Why is everything a show?
Love like you mean it or
Just let it go
We had an issue, but
You just didn't fit in here

Think you've got a mate, but
There ain't no soul
Leave the resort for
This stupid hole
I wanted to show you
The things I know

As few as they may be

You let me down
You let me down
I'm sorry I had to hurt you
You let me down
You let me down
There's no easy way to say goodbye

Up from Minnesota
The stars you fucked around
Jason, I hear you
When no one hears a sound
We had an issue, and
You made your point quite clear

Hang with me one last time
The quiet we could never achieve
Taxi driver, take me down
To the home of the finally free

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