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Hook Machine

This song is by Emm Gryner and appears on the album The Original Leap Year (1996).

I left my heavy guitars in Maidenhead
Instead of yelling and screaming
I put it all
Where no one sees it
And sometimes I say to my brother
You'll do just fine
I need a rocket and you need time

One for the big mind
Cause I know you need to dance to something
Or sing it on your way home
One for the big mind
Cause I wouldn't want to disappoint
You mean so much to me
And you do

Full grown man's gonna reunite his band
If he can
But all of that money in his shoe can't make him 22
Or half as cool
I say to my animal and all her lives
I could use seven or eight if you don't mind


Did I write a big enough
Write a big enough chorus for you
You don't know a thing about
Know a thing about getting down when you're up
In your skyscraper

Copy-cat of a girl won't phone me back
How about that
Too busy I bet
She's sick of being a sheep but I wish her well
And I can tell I'm gonna make Castor a bigger star
Than he ever thought he'd never get so far


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