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Hello Aquarius

This song is by Emm Gryner and appears on the album The Original Leap Year (1996) and on the album Public (1998).

Aquarius the maze is here again
Bishop made a joke in the sanctuary
Soulmate's moving down to Hollywood
And I broke all my New Year's resolutions
Sagittarius won't have me in his orchard
Thought about how messy it would get
He doesn't know a mess till I open my mouth
And say how I broke all my New Year's resolutions

Someone's screaming at me from the kitchen
Saying when I when I you I stuck to the boys
When jealousy comes tearing up my lane way
All I can think is go away I've got nothing good to say
Hello Aquarius (3x)

President thinks I'll never get there
Betty's glad she's got her husband back
'Cause you can't be running round with little starlets
So he broke all his New Year's Resolutions

Someone's screaming at me from the kitchen
Saying close your eyes and shut your mind
Girls this is what you get for good behaviour
You'll get a rope around your legs and two or three nicknames
Hello Aquarius (3X)

You give me games to keep me sane (2x)
You give me
And all I want to listen to is you (2x)

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