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Death Is A New Day

This song is by Emm Gryner and appears on the album Public (1998).

All the world's on hold inside this room
I try to shine like a brand new star, but it's hard to do
How famous do I have to be to see you again?
How much money do I have to have to but the end

I've got nothing to say, and nothing to do
But I heal soon
'Cause death is a new day
A new day without you

Seven here and midnight where you are
I never knew that easy feeling
Could make all this so hard

If I called you a dead man, I might survive
Dancing to you favourite rock songs in my spare time
Every other thing that breathes goes up against you
They'll try to srape you away from my skin, but they'll always lose

As I close the door on you, and
The end is crusade
I tell the pieces of you to go, but
I feel them stay

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