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Emitt Rhodes (1970)Edit

Emitt Rhodes - Emitt Rhodes
Emitt Rhodes
  1. With My Face On The Floor
  2. Somebody Made For Me
  3. She's Such A Beauty
  4. Long Time No See
  5. Lullabye
  6. Fresh As A Daisy
  7. Live Till You Die
  8. Promises I've Made
  9. You Take The Dark Out Of The Night
  10. You Should Be Ashamed
  11. Ever Find Yourself Running
  12. You Must Have

The American Dream (1970)Edit

Emitt Rhodes - The American Dream
The American Dream
  1. Mother Earth
  2. Pardon Me
  3. Textile Factory
  4. Someone Died
  5. Come Ride, Come Ride
  6. Let's All Sing
  7. Holly Park
  8. Mary, Will You Take My Hand ?
  9. The Man He Was
  10. In Days Of Old
  11. Till The Day After
  12. Saturday Night
Bonus tracks
  1. She Laughed Loud (Merry-Go-Round A-side 1967)
  2. Listen, Listen (Merry-Go-Round A-side 1968)
  3. Missing You (Merry-Go-Round B-side 1968)
  4. Highway (Merry-Go-Round A-side 1968)
  5. Time Will Show The Wiser (Merry-Go-Round B-side 1966)
  6. California Girls (bonus track)

Mirror (1971)Edit

Emitt Rhodes - Mirror
  1. Birthday Lady
  2. Better Side Of Life
  3. My Love Is Strong
  4. Side We Seldom Show
  5. Mirror
  6. Really Wanted You
  7. Bubblegum The Blues / I'm A Cruiser
  8. Love Will Stone You
  9. Golden Child Of God
  10. Take You Far Away

Farewell To Paradise (1973)Edit

Emitt Rhodes - Farewell To Paradise
Farewell To Paradise
  1. Warm Self Sacrifice
  2. See No Evil
  3. Drawn To You
  4. Blue Horizon
  5. Shoot The Moon
  6. Only Lovers Decide
  7. Trust Once More
  8. Nigths Are Lonely
  9. Bad Man
  10. In Desperate Need
  11. Those That Die
  12. Farewell To Paradise
Bonus tracks
  1. Tame The Lion (single A-side 1972)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Mary Will You Take My Hand

Related ArtistsEdit

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