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So Sick

This song is by Benefit and features Benefit.

(Bert) I'm sick
(Ernie) What's the matter Bert?
(Bert) I'm sick
(Ernie) Oh yeah?
(Bert) I'm sick Ernie! Can't you tell that?
(Ernie) You're sick?
(Bert) I'm sick
(Ernie) You're sick?
(Bert) I'm sick
(Ernie) Then you caught it
(Ernie) Boy you must know who it is who's sick

As my verse disperses the worst curses a person hurts worse
Than the first virgin's privacy purse burstin
I walk around the underground as a powerful thundersound
Wearing the low down profound lyrical wonder crown
Advanced listening wrestlin with pressure expressions
And steppin in as a special specimen fresher than freshman
Obvious overdosage coasted it over oceans
With explosive posts flyer than your promotional posters
Skillfully killing willfully drilling syllable spilling
Feeling really upsettable biting is edible stealing
Walking around the planet, rocking the ground like granite
Cocking my sound cannon and topping the sound famine
Deliberate inconsiderate etiquette, Benefit's belligerence
Spitting shit like laxative excrement
Dove in a frozen ocean fell low below boastin
The one chosen who rose exposin the flow erosion

(Chorus - repeat 4X)
So nice that it's nasty, so bangin it's bustin
So sweet that it's sick, so dope it's disgustin

I lead an expedition in vision and competition
In a prison when deliverin witherin rhyme litterin
Givin and never endeavoring ever clever however
Bringin it whether together or on solo feathers
Sicker than liquor and medicine burnin and blisterin
Leave your lights flickering
Quicker than strobes you're trippin in
The high appointed, style anointed with ill delivery ointment
On point with this like jointed presidential appointments
Flashin full fashionable rational lyrical passion
Glow bashin skulls burnin trash flows and watch ash grow
Belittling with little men livin in oblivion
Try batteling imaginin that they're hyper than Ritalin
Simply deranged brain exchanged pain for gain
Rearrange your frame to strange plain pattern with slain
Bigger badder and better than all of your gold and cheddar
When spreadin wing like medicine
Men with ancient tribal lettering


(Ben) Sick, sick, so sick
(Bert) I'm sick, sick, sick
(Ben) Sick, sick, so sick

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