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This song is by Eminem and appears…

As heard on The Slim Shady LPEdit

Original video
Em, What's goin' on, this is Paul Rosenberg, your faithful attorney at law.
Listen, I listened to the rough copy of your album and uhh, you know I just gotta be honest with you.
Could you tone it down a little bit, because there's only so much I can explain.
Gimme a call.

As heard on The Marshall Mathers LPEdit

Original video
Em, what's goin' on, it's Paul.
Uhh, Dre gave me a copy of the new album, and I just... *sigh*
Fuck it.
*Hangs Up*

As heard on The Eminem ShowEdit

Original video
Em, it's Paul.
Listen, Joel just called me and he said you're in the fuckin' back behind his studio,
shooting your gun off in the air like it's a shooting range.
I told you not to fuckin' bring your gun around, like an idiot, outside of your home.
You're gonna get yourself in trouble.
Don't bring your gun outside of your home you can't carry it on you.
Leave your fucking gun at home.
*Hangs up*

As heard on EncoreEdit

Original video
Hey Em, it's Paul.
Uh, listen I just got a call from the label, and you're probably not gonna be surprised but uhm,
Michael Jackson is extremely upset about the Just Lose It video.
And uhm, I mean he's pissed, so I-I don't know what he's gonna do, but we gotta talk about how we're gonna handle this. Uhm...
Oh yeah, anyway, somebody told me that, uhm, they heard a rumor that you got a new gun, uhm.
I know it's probably not true, but I just need to talk to you about that. So, uh, give me a call. *Hangs Up*

As heard on RelapseEdit

Original video
Em, it's Paul.
Uhm, I just listened to the entire album.
And you gotta be fucking kidding me.
I mean with this Christopher Reeve shit, you know the guy's dead right?
And then the whole gay, step-father incest rape thing?
I don't have your back on this one, I can't even fuckin' handle it.
I'm done.
*Hangs Up*

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