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It Don't Matter To Jesus

This song is by Emily Zuzik.

Sitting pretty is all I've ever seen her do
I know you're witty, much too smart to fall for it too
But baby, baby, do you ever compromise?
When you're staring to the emptiness inside
Baby, baby, does she feel like me?

It wasn't long ago that you swore
The world would be mine
And I believed it,
I guess I fell for your greatest line but...
Baby, baby did you really even think it through?
It didn't take that long for you to find my substitute
And baby, baby does she feel like me?

It don't matter to Jesus
It don't matter to anyone
I simply want an answer
To let you know what you have done

Baby, baby do you wanna go?
I know you're tired from all your running around
But I simply had to let you know
Baby, baby she'll never quite be me

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