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At What Point Does A Shakespeare Say

This song is by Emilie Autumn and appears on the album Opheliac (2006) and on the Album of poetry readings set to music Your Sugar Sits Untouched (2005).

At what point does a Shakespeare say
I feel it's time I write a play
What subject shall it be today
A tragedy I've done

Lovers twain have been united
Audiences are delighted
No doubt I shall soon be knighted
Royal fame I've won

The Queen has come to every show
And, flattering, she feigns to know
A couplet from a verse, also
A refrain from a rhyme

But the ones I aim to pleaseth
Most of all upon my kneeseth
Are the folk who cough and sneezeth
Through my prose sublime


  • Written, performed and produced by Emilie Autumn
  • Mixed by Inkydust