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This song is by Emil Bulls and appears on the album Monogamy (2000) and on the album Angel Delivery Service (2001).

For my sake
You walk in like you were queen with your perky breast
Goddamn why don't you just come undressed
With all those guy's eyes on your body
Who do you think you are? Bunny !
That's right
For this night's dolls I've sold my favourite thing again
First I cold shouldered them then
I realized that I adore all these babes
Yeah now I'm alone with these funny
Like water you're absolutely clear
Further more you're worth being ignored
No style and easy to look through
I love your wet t-shirt your mini skirt
Bounce bounce oh let me shake that thing
You're superfly tonight
Nothing but pretty that's allright
Like water you're
..tonight we've got no pride
So for my sake go on

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