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The Weak's End (2004)Edit

Emery - The Weak's End

The Weak's End

  1. Walls
  2. The Ponytail Parade
  3. Disguising Mistakes With Goodbyes
  4. By All Accounts (Today Was A Disaster)
  5. Fractions
  6. The Note From Which A Chord Is Built
  7. Bloodless
  8. Under Serious Attack
  9. As Your Voice Fades
  10. The Secret

The Question (2005)Edit

Emery - The Question

The Question

Emery - The Question Pre-Sale Exclusive EP

The Question Pre-Sale Exclusive EP

  1. So Cold I Could See My Breath
  2. Playing With Fire
  3. Returning The Smile You Have Had From The Start
  4. Studying Politics
  5. Left With Alibis And Lying Eyes
  6. Listening To Freddie Mercury
  7. The Weakest
  8. Miss Behavin'
  9. In Between 4th And 2nd Street
  10. The Terrible Secret
  11. In A Lose, Lose Situation
  12. In A Win, Win Situation
Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks
  1. Playing with Fire (Acoustic)
  2. The Ponytail Parade (Acoustic)
  3. Walls (Acoustic)
  4. Fractions (Acoustic)
  5. Studying Politics (Acoustic)
  6. Death to Inconvenience (Demo)
  7. Thoughtlife (Demo)

Pre-Sale Exclusive EPEdit

  1. Ponytail Parade (Acoustic)
  2. Left With Alibis and Lying Eyes (Acoustic)
  3. As Your Voice Fades (Acoustic)
  4. Listening to Freddie Mercury (Acoustic)
  5. Anne Marie

I'm Only A Man (2007)Edit

Emery - I'm Only A Man

I'm Only A Man

  1. Rock-N-Rule
  2. The Party Song
  3. World Away
  4. After The Devil Beats His Wife
  5. Can't Stop The Killer
  6. Story About A Man With A Bad Heart
  7. Don't Bore Us, Get To The Chorus
  8. What Makes A Man A Man
  9. The Movie Song
  10. You Think You're Nickel Slick (But I Got Your Penny Change)
  11. From Crib To Coffin
iTunes Bonus Tracks
  1. Whoa! Man
Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks
  1. Don't Bore Us, Get To The Chorus (Acoustic/Live)
  2. Listening To Freddie Mercury (Acoustic/Live)
  3. The Ponytail Parades (Acoustic/Live)
  4. As Your Voice Fades (Acoustic/Live)
  5. What Makes A Man A Man (Acoustic/Live)

...In Shallow Seas We Sail (2009)Edit

Emery - ...In Shallow Seas We Sail

...In Shallow Seas We Sail

  1. Cutthroat Collapse
  2. Curbside Goodbye
  3. Inside Our Skin
  4. Churches and Serial Killers
  5. Butcher's Mouth
  6. In Shallow Seas We Sail
  7. The Poor and the Prevalent
  8. The Smile, The Face
  9. A Sin To Hold On To
  10. Piggy Bank Lies
  11. Edge of the World
  12. Dear Death Part 1
  13. Dear Death Part 2
  14. Closed Eyes, Open Hands (InterPunk pre-order bonus track)

We Do What We Want (2011)Edit

Emery - We Do What We Want

We Do What We Want

  1. The Cheval Glass
  2. Scissors
  3. The Anchors
  4. The Curse Of Perfect Days
  5. You Wanted It
  6. I'm Not Here For Rage I'm Here For Revenge (More Than Your Hook Up)
  7. Daddy's Little Peach
  8. Addicted To Bad Decisions
  9. I Never Got to See The West Coast
  10. Fix Me


The Columbus EEP Thee (2002)Edit

Emery - The Columbus EEP Thee

The Columbus EEP Thee

  1. It Always Depends
  2. To Whom It May Concern
  3. The Walls
  4. Shift
  5. While Broken Hearts Prevail
  6. The Weak's End
  7. The Secret

While Broken Hearts Prevail (2008)Edit

Emery - While Broken Hearts Prevail

While Broken Hearts Prevail

  1. The Smile, the Face
  2. Edge of the World
  3. Say the Things (You Want)
  4. Ten Talents
  5. Always Depends
  6. Thoughtlife
  7. Do the Things (You Want)
  8. Thoughtlife (Alternate Version) (digital bonus track)

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Band members:

  • Toby Morrell - vocals, bass (2001-present)
  • Devin Shelton - vocals, bass, guitar (2001-present)
  • Matt Carter - guitar, vocals (2001-present)
  • Josh Head - keyboards, vocals (2001-present)
  • Dave Powell - drums (2005-present)

Former members:

  • Seth "Beef" Studley - drums (2001-2004)
  • Joel "Chopper" Green - bass (2001-2005)
  • Joey Svendsen - bass (2001)

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