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This song is by Emerson Drive and appears on the album What If? (2004).

Called in sick to the coffee shop
Said let's go someplace the weather is hot
Bought two plane tickets and called a yellow cab
Drank all our money at beachside bars
Took pictures of each other smokin' cheap cigars
Stole a blanket from the hotel room and slept on the sand
We held the world like a glass of lemonade
It tasted sweet
Oh, man we had it made

Didn't we laugh, weren't we brave
Wasn't it cool actin' like fools
With nothing in our way
Picture in a frame, deep blue sky
You and I stuck in time like
We would never fade
baby why'd we have to change

Did we get old or too grown up
To do anything just because
Just because we just don't give a damn
Oh, when did we get so serious
What happened to that part of us
Baby can you help me out, I don't understand
We held the world like a glass of lemonade
It tasted sweet
Oh man, we had it made


Look at us in the photograph
So beautifully naive
I want it back


Let's call in sick and leave this town
Don't matter where we go let's just go now
I'm thirsty for a glass of lemonade

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