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It's All About You

This song is by Emerson Drive and appears on the album Emerson Drive (2002).

I told you when I met you I'd do anything it took to get ya
Bet you never thought I'd ever take it this far
I work two jobs, but that all right, made up your mind
To dedicate my whole life to your life, baby you're a superstar

**It's all about you
Everything that I do
It's all about you
My mission in life
My purpose on earth
To make sure you get all the love you deserve
It's all about you**

I buy a dozen roses, box of chocolates, get you tickets to the opera
Pavarotti and the monster truck show
I'll take you on a Caribbean cruise, buy you hundred pairs of new shoes
Dress you up in diamonds, pearls, and all that stuff

Do what you gotta do, don't worry about me
As long as I got you, that's all I need
Ain't no one no where no how no way no man
Gonna work harder for you any day baby, every day

It's all about you

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