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I'll Die Trying

This song is by Emerson Drive and appears on the album What If? (2004).

You've been livin' way too long in broken promise land
Dreams crushed and shattered like a million grains of sand
I'd love to be your redemption but I am just a man
And I may never be a hero
But I'm a rock you can lean on

If I don't love you like you deserve
If I don't stop every tear you're cryin
If I don't make your life a heaven on this earth
I'll die trying, I'll die trying

I'll listen to your secret prayer and share your deepest wish
Search for 100 years just to find the perfect kiss
But everything within my power is nothing i won't give
to be that man in your life
it takes whats wrong and makes whats right


I may never be a hero
But I'm a rock you can lean on


I'll die trying

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