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Our Version of Events (2012)Edit

Emeli Sandé - Our Version of Events
Our Version of Events
  1. Heaven
  2. My Kind of Love
  3. Where I Sleep
  4. Mountains
  5. Clown
  6. Daddy
  7. Maybe
  8. Suitcase
  9. Breaking the Law
  10. Next to Me
  11. River
  12. Lifetime
  13. Hope
  14. Read All About It (Part III)
  15. Tiger (iTunes bonus track)
  16. Abide With Me (Tesco special edition bonus track)
  17. Here It Comes (Target deluxe edition bonus track)
Special edition bonus tracks
  1. Wonder (featuring Naughty Boy)
  2. Breaking the Law (Alternate Version)
  3. Easier in Bed
  4. Beneath Your Beautiful (featuring Labrinth)
  5. Imagine (John Lennon Cover)

Songs Featuring Emeli SandéEdit

  1. This Game is Over by Alejandro Sanz

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Crazy In Love
  2. Diamond Rings
  3. Free
  4. Let Go
  5. Mi Marciana
  6. Never Be Your Woman
  7. Pluto
  8. Read All About It
  9. Welcome To Cabana
  10. Winter Wonderland

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Emeli Sandé is a performance name for Adele Emeli Gouraguine.

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