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These Bleak Enshrined Emotions

This song is by Elysium and appears on the album Dreamscapes (2001).

These bleak feelings enshrined within
The clouds of the past
Emotions as dead
As the decaying autumn leaves
Now that I have lost you
To the sands of time,
Only pain is left
When a loved one dies.
What is the point of going on
When all I've lived for in life is gone,
Depression remains.

Manic depressive
Painful existence
Meaningless life
Devoid of feeling
What is left?
I'm dead inside

Let death take me
Forging on in spite of myself,
Living on through self torment,
In losing you I've destroyed myself,
I'm of the grave.
Through all the pain I've suffered since you died
Blaming myself for all that transpired,
My life null of positive emotion,
In depression I've no will to go on.

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