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Seven Deadly Strikes

This song is by Elysium and appears on the album Godfather (2005).

From the eastern sands
Comes the storm
Out of the desert slaves shall rise
Sectarian worms of old faith
Sneaking conspiracy crawl

Forgotten tongues of prophets sound clear
In catacombs of purity
Extinct race awakening
Beneath the surface of seeming prosperity

Suicidal command
Death to the west
War on the heavens
Darkness upon the Christ

Phantom dragon troops
Enlighten by the morning star
The second middle age
We will reap as we have sown

From the underground
Panic blast
Out of the pits fanatics arrive
Born of dirt, fire and fear
To reconstruct this brave new hell

Seven deadly strikes
White towns flood in blood

Pre-ch ii:
Silent shadow clan
Exiled religious pariah
Strike at the capitols
Sword in hand of god

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