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Jane Doe

This song is by Elysium and appears on the album Godfather (2005).

Won't you heal those scars
I want this to stop, I yearn to fade away
Please god, why aren't you listening?
In silence I taste this cruel degradation
My chastity torn to pieces
I beg to feel nothing, I want the world to burn

Silent scream for help
Now kiss the child goodbye
The dove has lost her delicate wings
Through waters of disgrace
Your heart won't cherish the end
Young mother closes her tired eyes

Left undressed to die as a whore
She justifies their sins, no mercy sent
Oh please god, why won't you hold her hand?

She cries without a tears
No way to ease this pain
Fallen from grace into this hell
Could you believe in things that you've been shown
I want you to feel, can it bring you down?
Stigmatize sweet little girl
Lust for life - but raped without a chance
She sleeps with the dead and now she's calling me
Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one

She plays dead, this mistreat has to cease

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