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Evangelist Murder

This song is by Elysium and appears on the album Godfather (2005).

Welcome to my scorn
Where evil dares not to crawl
Praise god, praise the lord
Follow the way, the truth and the light
Who said you'd be saved?
So listen to words that I preach
Your wicked means I can wash away
The lie that you've always believed

You made me god today
Now in your hour of pain

A celebration divine
Communion of new faith
Media manipulate
The ignorant leads the blind
Purgatory awaits
In false you put your trust
Disobedience is blasphemy
The death comes and all will be lost

Send generous donations
For luxuries I need
To help you find the salvation
My pleasures fulfilled

You made me god today
Now in your hour of death

I am the word that answers your every doubt
The holy truth revealed
The serpent call

I am the silent tempter that crucifies
The perilous deceiver
The antichrist

Selfish religious infest
Deceit of trust
I heal the sick and raise the dead
To betray your soul

You made me god today
Now in the hour of end

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