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Beggars Empire

This song is by Elysium and appears on the album Godfather (2005).

Nothing new
Senses block - tied & indifferent
Negation plan
Fragile distortion
Sudden thoughts crash
Swallow the pill & deteriorate
Bet your ass
Won't get alive from here

Down with the logic
There's no love
Torn to a bitter pieces
Pride broken

One for bring our world down
The emptiness swallows dead hearts
Adrenaline - subzero point
The end of the road - everything's wrong

Time's up
Separation request
Edges blur
You tread my pure emotions
No choice to made
Double hell impact
No one wins
Taste loss and you'll see

Swear not to be the one
Knives sharpen
In sickness & health alone
Scars scratched

Partners in crime
Our friendship pierced
Struggle state
Body armour barricade
Shut your face
Zombie ego overdose
This all must end
Another ordinary massacre

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