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This song is by Elysia and appears on the album Masochist (2006).

In the end you will be laid to rest where you belong.
bathed in the flames for your hatred and your ignorance.
Your the symbol of masculinity, but I can beat king kong.

I will stand up for those who suffer.

I will stand up for those who have suffered,
Been crucified by your insecurities

You cant say what love is, when your castrated! (Fuckers!)

Hatchets castrating the fuckers!

The voice that I've been given
I will use to crush bigotry and defeat intolerance.
With bodies ablaze (mother fucker)
Sadly no one's there to push you in the flames.
So throw another stick in,
And I swear with every ounce on strength I have
I will burn you all alive.
In the sticks lay your worthless bodies, screaming, keep fucking screaming.
and with your eyeballs boiling...

Who's the fucking faggot now?

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