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What Now, What Next, Where To?

This song is by Elvis Presley and appears on the Soundtrack album Double Trouble (Original Soundtrack) (1967) and on the album Separate Ways (1973).

Like a ship without a compass
on a cold lonely sea
No beacon light of love to guide me through
I lost the only treasure
that means anything to me
What now, what next, where to?

I thought I had a love that would be mine eternally
I felt so sure you'd be forever true
Now everything I counted on has crumbled under you
What now, what next, where to?

You were part of every dream I dreamed,
of everything I planned
How could I know our castles
were built upon the sand
Won't heaven send an angel please,
to tell me what to do
What now, what next, where to?
What now, what next , where to?

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