Elvis Presley:He's Only A Prayer Away (I Asked The Lord) Lyrics

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He's Only a Prayer Away (I Asked the Lord)

This song is by Elvis Presley and appears on the album A Golden Celebration (1984) and on the album The Home Recordings (1999).

I thank the Lord for everything
When things are going my way
He said to me, 'I will comfort thee'
'And drive your cares away'
He promised me, 'I will walk with thee'
'And drive your cares away'

I did not ask for riches
He gave me wealth untold
The moon, the stars, the sun, the sky
Are there for you to behold

I thank the Lord for everything
And I count my blessings each day
He came to me when I needed Him
I only have to pray
And He'll come to you - if you ask Him to
He's only a prayer away

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