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Up Around the Bend

This song is by Elton John and appears on the album Chartbusters Go Pop (1994) and on the album 16 Legendary Covers (1998).

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Up Around the Bend
There's a place up ahead and I'm going
Just as fast as my feet can fly
Come away, come away if you're going
Leave the sinking ships behind

Come on the rising wind
We're going up around the bend

Bring a song and a smile for the banjo
Better get while the getting's good
Hitch a ride to the end of the highway
Where the neon lights the wood

You can ponder perpetual motion
Free your mind on a crystal day
Always time for a good conversation
There's an ear for what you say

Catch a ride to the end of the highway
And we'll meet by the big red tree
There's a place up ahead and I'm going
Come along, come along with me

Written by:

John Fogerty

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