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Shine On Through

This song is by Elton John and appears on the album A Single Man (1978) and on the 1989 reissue of the EP The Thom Bell Sessions (1979).

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Shine On Through
Oh, my love
I have cursed the stars above
That lead my heart to you
But, as hard as I try
Still my love will not die
And the stars still shine on through
And the stars still shine on through

Oh, my dear
Now the ship's to hard to steer
The tide has turned, turned on you
I have been through the lies
That I've seen in your eyes
But the truth still shines on through
But the truth still shines, shines on through

So shine, shine on through
The days we have to fill
Though we took our love so daringly
And gave it up uncaringly
There are feelings left, not even we can kill

Oh, my friend
So at last we've reached the end
The lights go down on you
I have wasted my time
But it tasted, oh, so fine
But the love still shines, shines on through
And the love still shines, shines on you
On you

Music by:

Elton John

Lyrics by:

Gary Osborne

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