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Razor Face

This song is by Elton John and appears on the album Madman Across the Water (1971).

Has anybody here seen Razor Face
Heard he's back, lookin' for a place, to lay down
Must be getting on
Needs a man who's young to walk him round,
needs a man who's young to walk him round.

oh it must be hard for the likes of you,
to get by in a world that you just can't see through
And it looks so cold
How does it feel to know to know you can't go home?
how does it feel to know you can't go home.

Come on Razor Face my old friend.
I'll meet you down by the truck stop inn,
with a bottle of booze in the back of my car,
you're a song on the lips of an aging star.

Razor Face, amazing grace,
protects you like a glove.
And I'll never learn the reason why
I love your Razor Face

Music by:

Elton John

Lyrics by:

Bernie Taupin

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