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Just Like Belgium

This song is by Elton John and appears on the album The Fox (1981) and on the single Just Like Belgium (1981).

Remember Belgium
And the Brussles Museum
where we piled on the front steps
like stray cavaliers
our code of living
meant little to others
the few francs we saved
bought some cheap souvienirs

But the red lights where the catfights
make it just like belgium
See us face down on the floor
of another cheap bathroom
streetwalkers sweet talk you out
of your spare change
and your sweet madame makes it seem
just like Belgium
Just like Blegium

just like a hustler
when they look attractive
it's nothing much more
than a slap on theback
The price tag of being
just a little bit different
The first rule to learn
is to keep your own distance

but the red lights....

Music by:

Elton John

Lyrics by:

Bernie Taupin

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