Elton John:Boogie Pilgrim Lyrics

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Boogie Pilgrim

This song is by Elton John and appears on the album Blue Moves (1976).

Crime in the streets
I read about it everyday in the papers
Justice needs and justice wants
But just in times, yes, too late here
Feels like I wasn't born there
I feel just like a Boogie Pilgrim

Boogie Pilgrim
Hustled to get it
To get it together
Down on the jive talk
Down on the weather
Boogie Pilgrim
Brother I never felt better
No, I never felt better

Now life's complete
When you've lived that way out on the sidewalk
(Walking on the sidewalk everyday)
I got the speed if you got the need
But the need in me needs nothing
(But you know that I need nothing)
But I know that you all want something
Just like Boogie Pilgrim

Music by:

Elton John, Davey Johnstone, and Caleb Quaye

Lyrics by:

Bernie Taupin